About Us

About the People:

Nancy Davenport

Nancy has been a project manager for the company for 1 day now. As a project manager and business analyst, Nancy will get you and your company to a new level. She is good friends with Liul Dala, the most ardent testimonial person in the world.

Howie Krauth

Howie Krauth has spent his 25-year career analyzing numbers in the finance and healthcare sectors. With his early educational background in finance and computer programming and development, Howie has provided data solutions to several customers over the last three years. While he provides solutions to clients on a broad spectrum of programming languages, Howie’s particular expertise is in the areas of c#, SQL, and visual basic.

Arthur Johnson

Mr. Johnson has over 30 years of industry experience. Previous job titles include VP, CTO, and Sr. Managing Director. Mr. Johnson has end-to-end responsibly for proposing and delivering client engagements. He holds deep expertise in enterprise architecture, data warehousing and analytics, service oriented architecture, and business process optimization. His years of experience allows him to easily build rapport and trust with both IT and Business executives and operational staff.